'F5 Escapes' is a Bangalore based, alternate travel company, specializing in designing and executing all-women fixed departure tours and custom itineraries for groups and families.
Come, join us, as we revolutionize the way women travel.

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F5 Talks to Shikha Gautam

Quick Intro: Name: Shikha Gautam A native of: Haridwar, Uttarakhand Living currently at? (Country/City): Haridwar/Mcleodganj Name and link to your travel blog: Nomad Scribblings (http://nomadscribblings.com/)                         About Travel So, when and how did the travel bug bite you? I guess it happened quite early [...]

February 11, 2015 read more

In conversation with Suruchika Choudhary

Suruchika is an intrepid woman traveller and the coordinator of the meet up group, ‘Traveler Explorer Girls’. This interview with her certainly oozes inspiration and is sure to make the reader pack up and  just go! 1. So, when and how did the travel bug bite you? I think it was always there, I might’ve [...]

December 8, 2014 read more


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